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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are there two input portals to submit an estimate?

A. One portal is the standard form used by the body shop.  The second portal will

     allow the body shop to insert into their existing estimate page (if they have one)

     a form script that will give the look and feel of their existing website.  The

     latter is convenient for the online client.  The end results are the same for both.

Q. If the custom script is installed, can the body shop use it as well?

A. Yes, the body shop can use the link provided as a subscriber, or use the custom web pages link.

    They both yield the exact same results.

Q. How long will the submitted estimates stay on file?

A. Six (6) months, unless they are deleted by the shop admin or by a cancelled subscription.

Q. Will you do a custom form to my exact specifications and if so how much?

A. Yes, if it is not a complete re-write. Cost for modifications normally run

    $25.00 per hour.

Q. If I have more than one location, can I add the others?

A. No, each locations must have a seperate license for their shop. 

Q. If I cancel, how long will you carry my data on file?

A. Thirty days. You should use the export feature to save your data.

Q. How can I obtain an additional discount on the purchase price?

A. None, The product has already been reduced by 50 percent.

Q. Is my data safe and secure?

A. Yes, the first line of defense is your admin password. It should conform to the standard.

    Second, we take precautions to block robot activity and spam.  

Q. Can we send our own terms and conditions for updating to the form.

A. Yes, once you subscribe, send us a text document to use and we will add it.

Q. If I chose not to go with the embedded feature, can my online clients use the same standard link I use.

A. Yes, Just put the estimate link button somewhere on your web site.