ShopPartner Vehicle Check-In Form

Seven simple steps in three minutes to a better shop. Shop and vehicle owners should be in agreement as to a vehicle's condition when left in your care.

Protect your business from false claims.

Paperless Transaction - Quick, Easy & Complete Vehicle Check-In.  Mobile Ready.

Evaluate a vehicle's condition prior to servicing. The client can sign online confirming vehicle's present state. Use mouse, stylus, finger on any touchpad device to sign. ShopPartner is designed to evaluate a vehicle's condition in a matter of minutes.  It allows client and shop owner to agree if any irregularities exist with the vehicle prior to servicing. 

Universal Shop Protection

Auto Storage
Auto Rental
Auto Upholstery Shop
Auto Body Shop

Auto Repair Shop
Auto Service Shop
Auto Detailing Shop
Auto Tint Shop

Auto Auction
Auto Car Dealer (New)
Auto Car Dealer (Used)
Auto Transporter

Features Available

Can be used by any shop owner handling vehicles.
Enhances shop record keeping.
Owner/Shop confirmation signatures.
Email notification to shop/client.
Identifies vehicle physical condition inside/out.

Unlimited user at the same time.
Unlimited form submissions.
Add optional photos if required.
Smart device ready (cell phone, tablet, iPad).
Cloud database storage.

How to use ShopPartner.

ShopPartner allows the shop owner to inventory a clients vehicle condition. This inventory consist of verifying the condition inside and outside of the vehicle. The form allows the inspector, at a quick glance, to view and only tag areas of concern, if no irregularity exist, just skip the option and continue on with the evaluation.

Anomalies should be acknowledged by you the shop owner, and the client, eliminating any claims of improprieties against the shop. If you are handling some high end cars and exotics, ShopPartner should be a major consideration. Present your findings to the client and allow him or her to make their mark or leave a signature on the form for complete acknowledgment of their vehicles' condition. Last, an optional email can be sent to the client for their record.

In conclusion, protecting your shop could be as easy as 123 and cost as little as pennies a day. 

Unwarranted claims are on the rise.  Are you protected?

ShopPartner Generated Email

Sample email, a by product of form submission sent to shop owner and client.

Signature Page Compliant with all major eSignature laws

ShopPartner Online Signatures are LEGALLY BINDING AND SECURE

ShopPartner is completely secure and compliant with all major eSignature laws.

Compliant with all major eSignature laws, including ESIGN, UETA, European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014). Additionally, all access is over HTTPS and all documents are encrypted .  

A secure Audit Trail is also provided that includes an email of the complete form, sent directly to your company in-box and your clients' email.

Languages Available

Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) Danish




Cloud Storage

A free Cloud Storage account is setup for each subscriber. It contains a record of all form input transactions from day 1 to current day.
The subscriber may request their cloud database at any time. The request must be submitted by email and contain the following,
form ID, form password and subscriber's email. File request structure can be txt, comma delimitted or CSV. Format shipped will be a zip file.

Like to have your form tailored to your exact needs?

Customizing is available 

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